LS9 CNC-Ported Head Assembly


  • Almost 10-percent increase in airflow
  • Special A356T6 aluminum Roto-cast design for greater strength
  • Assembled with lightweight LS9 components
  • For LS engines with 4.000″ or larger bore


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LS9 CNC-Ported Cylinder Head Assembly

P/N 19328743

  • Special A356T6 aluminum Roto-cast head casting for greater strength. The mold is rotated during production to create a more solid casting that virtually eliminates porosity
  • Reinforced webbing and thicker deck (for minimal distortion) makes it an excellent choice for supercharged and turbocharged engine combinations
  • CNC-ported for approximately 10 percent greater airflow (intake side) than the regular-production cylinder head (similar to LS3 CNC-ported head P/N 88958758)
  • As-cast 66.5cc combustion chamber volume
  • Fully assembled with production LS9 2.165″ (55mm) titanium intake valves and sodium-filled 1.590″ (40mm) exhaust valves; and beehive-type valve springs
  • Valve springs rated for .570″ max lift
  • Can be used on LS engines with at least a 4.000″ bore using standard 11mm head bolts in place of the LS9’s 12mm head bolts

Head P/N 19328743 is assembled with the following:

  • 12605524 Titanium Intake Valve (2.165″)
  • 12596508 Valve Spring Caps
  • 12605525 Sodium-FilledvExhaust Valve (1.590″)
  • 10166345 Valve Stem Keys
  • 12625033 LS9 Beehive Valve Spring
  • 12482063 Valve Seal-Intake (Integral Seal & Spring Set)
  • 12482062 Valve Seal-Exhaust (Integral Seal & Spring Set)
  • 12596509 Rocker Arm Wear Pads (Intake Valve Only)

Additional required components:

  • 12610046 (2) or 19170419 (1) Gaskets
  • 11562524 (20) Bolts
  • 12558840 (10) Bolts
  • 12571164 Spark Plugs

Engine application: LS9


LS9 CNC-Ported Cylinder Head Assembly

19328743 Chevrolet Cylinder Head

Great cylinder-head airflow has been a key enabler of the LS-Series‘ exceptional performance. Chevrolet Performance delivers those power-building attributes to you with a range of production-style aluminum heads ヨ from the LS6 heads for smaller-displacement engines to LS7 style heads for 427-inch-and-larger combinations, our aluminum heads benefit from GM‘s extensive research and development program, ensuring maximum airflow without compromises. In fact, many professional builders use our heads as straight bolt-ons, with no further machining. Many of our assembled heads use premium machining and materials, including CNC finishing and porting, along with lightweight, hollow-stem valves, sodium-filled exhaust valves and ヨ on some heads ヨ lightweight titanium intake valves.

Aluminum LS Family Head Technical Notes:
ユ Manufactured from 319-T5 aluminum alloy
ユ High-efficiency combustion chambers
ユ Symmetrical intake and exhaust ports
ユ Angled spark plugs (14mm; 5/8″ hex; 3/4″ reach; taper-seat plugs)
ユ 15ᄚ valve angle (except C5R and LS7)
ユ Bolt-down-type rocker arms (except LSX-DR, LSX-CT)
ユ Center-bolt valve cover hold-downs
Fits Gen III and Gen IV Small-Blocks only

NOTE: Chevrolet Performance heads will not fit 4.8L and 5.3L engines, due to their smaller bore sizes.

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