LSX-DR CNC Ported Aluminum Cylinder Head


  • Fully CNC ported
  • Installed on LSX454R engine
  • Minimum 4.125″ bore
  • Capable of over 900 naturally aspirated HP

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LSX-DR CNC-Ported Aluminum Cylinder Head

P/N 19330894

    • Fully

CNC ported

  • 356-T6 aluminum racing head
  • 5/8″ thick deck
  • LSX-DR rectangle intake port design – requires LSX-DR intake manifold
  • LSX-CT/DR spread port exhaust port pattern
  • Cast-in down-nozzle bosses (not machined)
  • Designed for up to 2.280″ intake and 1.620″ exhaust valves (4.165″ minimum bore)
  • Machined for 1.660″ valve springs; 11° valve angle
  • Minimum 4.125″ bore
  • 313cc CNC’d intake ports. 116cc CNC’d exhaust ports
  • 50cc CNC’d combustion chambers
  • Requires 19201808 shaft-mount Rocker Kit
  • Capable of over 900 naturally aspirated horsepower!
  • Installed on LSX454R engine assembly

Supersedes old P/N 19166979.


LSX-DR CNC-Ported Aluminum Cylinder Head

19330894 Chevrolet Cylinder Head

LSX-DR and LSX-CT Heads

The LSX-CT (Circle-Track) and LSX-DR (Drag Racing) cylinder heads feature raised-runner designs for improved airflow. Intake port configuration is similar to the competition-derived C5R head, but the ports are raised an amazing 10mm and the intake manifold bolt pattern is spread to accommodate additional port configurations.

Additional features include:

  • 11ᄚ valve angle (same as C5R head)
  • Accommodates up to 1.660″ diameter valve springs
  • Raised rocker rails
  • Requires shaft-mount rockers
  • May require special valve covers to clear shaft-mount rockers
  • Provisions for down-nozzle machining
  • 9ᄚ intake manifold angle ヨ requires new LSX DR or LSX CT intake manifolds
  • Unique LSX-CT/DR exhaust bolt pattern

Supersedes old P/N 19166979.

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