COPO 350 SC Crate Engine 580 HP

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  • NHRA rated 580 hp
  • Magnuson supercharger
  • LSX engine block
  • LSX-SC six-bolt cylinder heads

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COPO 350 SC Crate Engine

P/N 19368698

Technical Specs:

Displacement: 350 cu in (5.7L)
Compression Ratio: 10.2:1
Cylinder Block: LSX cast iron
Bore x Stroke (in): 4.065 x 3.370
Crankshaft: Forged steel
Connecting Rods: Forged steel
Pistons: Forged w/dome
Cylinder Heads: LSX-SC design
Induction: Boosted
Intake Manifold: 2.65L Magnuson
Camshaft Type: Hydraulic roller
Camshaft Lift (in): .640 intake/.640 exhaust
Camshaft Duration (@.050 in): 244° intake/255° exhaust

Note: Intended for competition use only.


COPO 350 SC Crate Engine (2019)

19368698 Chevrolet Engine

NHRA rated at 580 hp

The COPO 350 Supercharged is similar to the engine offered in 2014ヨ2018 COPO Camaro race cars, but featuring a Magnusson supercharger. It’s supported by the high-performance LSX engine block, forged internals and new LSX-SC six-bolt cylinder heads designed to stand up to the cylinder pressures generated by forced induction. The heads are produced with a low-pressure casting process and treated to Hot Isotatic Pressing to enhance their mechanical properties and density.