CTS-V Accessory Drive System w/ A/C


  • All-inclusive system
  • Direct bolt-on for LS3 and LS7 engines
  • Fits all LS type engines except production iron block applications
  • Not for LS9 and LSA supercharged engines

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CTS-V Accessory Drive System with A/C

Replaces P/N 19370820

  • Does not work on LS9 and LSA supercharged engines
  • Most harmonic balancers do not line up correctly with the accessory drive system; damper P/N 12674582 is strongly recommended
  • Air conditioning has separate belt; to delete air conditioning, do not install the belt, compressor or tensioner
  • Fits all LS type engines, except production iron block applications
  • Direct bolt-on for LS3 and LS7 engines

This system includes:

  • 12578548 (1) Bracket–Air Conditioning
  • 19130461 (1) Compressor–Air Conditioning
  • 12595289 (1) Tensioner–Air Conditioning Belt
  • 12578549 (1) Belt–Air Conditioning Compressor
  • 12578551 (1) Bracket–Power Steering Pump
  • 21997867 (1) Pump–Power Steering
  • 12578552 (1) Pulley–Power Steering Pump
  • 21997866 (1) Reservoir–Power Steering Fluid
  • 21997868 (1) Hose–Power Steering Fluid Reservoir With Clamps
  • 12578550 (1) Bracket–Generator
  • 84009383 (1) Alternator
  • 12568996 (1) Pulley–Belt Idler
  • 12569301 (1) Tensioner–Drive Belt
  • 12578553 (1) Belt–Water Pump/Generator/ Power Steering
  • 11515768 (6) Bolt, Transaxle Br
  • 11516360 (4) Bolt – 10 x 1.50 x 90mm
  • 11588751 (3) Bolt – Hvy HX Acorn Flg Hd
  • 11588744 (2) Bolt – Hvy HX Acorn Flg Hd
  • 11518075 (3) Bolt – Hex Flg HD
  • 11588747 (3) Bolt, Gen
  • 11515760 (2) Bolt Hvy Hex Flg

Note: Will not work with a cam-phased engine. Will not work on LS327 with cast iron block. Water pump P/N 12681186 NOT included with kit. Includes fixed displacement compressor. Use P/N 19299069 for A/C add-on if Variable Displacement Compressor is needed.



19155066, 19370820

CTS-V Accessory Drive System with A/C

19421420 Chevrolet Accessory Drive

Fixed Displacement Compressor

The easiest and most convenient way to finish your LS engine and get it ready to run in your vehicle is with a Chevrolet Performance serpentine accessory drive system. They include the accessories, brackets, drive belts and hardware your engine needs, saving you the time of sourcing them individually. They’re all-inclusive systems that bolt right onto the engine for a factory fit and appearance.

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