V-6 Camaro 1LE Track Pack – Street

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  • Upgrade your V-6 or SS Gen 5 Camaro with a 1LE Track Pack
  • Improves body control in cornering
  • Increases response time and vehicle agility
  • Faster reacting rear monotube shocks
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Gen 5 V-6 Camaro 1LE Track Pack

P/N 23123398

Upgrade your V-6 or SS Camaro‘s suspension with the same parts used in the 1LE Track Pack. This kit features a stiffer 27mm solid front stabilizer bar and a 28mm solid rear stabilizer bar for improved body control in cornering. The front struts were redesigned with improved damping curves for more body control and quicker response times. It also includes new faster reacting rear monotube shocks to replace the V6 and SS twin-tube design and combines them with a stiffer rear upper shock mount to increase vehicle agility, both are shared with the ZL1. The bushings in the rear toe link are replaced with spherical bushings to eliminate compliance in cornering, which is also common with the ZL1. The V-6 kit also includes the stiffer front springs used on the 1LE and SS variants.

V6 system includes:
(2) 92245257 Spring-FRT
(1) 23123400 Installation – ACSRY
(2) 11516078 Nut-FRT STAB HYD SHF Link
(1) 22942442 Emblem-F/End Upper Tie Bar
(1) 23123399 Installation – ACSRY
(2) 11569638 Nut-FRT SUSP Strut MT
(2) 11516078 Nut-RR S/ABS (UPR)
(2) 22845487 Link ASM-RR SUSP ADJ
(2) 23115372 Absorber ASM-RR SHK
(1) 22922445 Mount ASM-RR S/ABS UPR
(1) 22922446 Mount ASM-RR S/ABS UPR
(2) 22761221 Link ASM-RR STAB SHF
(1) 22786260 Shaft ASM-RR STAB
(1) 22812942 Shaft ASM-FRT STAB
(1) 22812984 Strut ASM-FRT SUSP
(1) 22812985 Strut ASM-FRT SUSP

Note: For 2010-2011 vehicles, kit 23484878 required for installation. The V-6 1LE suspension kit requires use of SS brake kit P/N 23120542 and 23120543 (not included).


Camaro 1LE Track Pack – Street

23123398 Chevrolet Track Pack

Gen 5 V-6 Camaro