COPO Carbon Fiber Hood

$4,923.65 $4,726.71

  • Build your own COPO replica or Camaro race car
  • Swap out your composite COPO hood
  • Drop 12 lbs.
  • Improve your launch time
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COPO Carbon Fiber Hood

P/N 23177465

Want to take off 12 lbs in a few minutes? Swap out your composite COPO hood for this high-tech carbon-fiber piece to improve your launch times.


Gen 5 Camaro Carbon Fiber Hood

23177465 Chevrolet Vehicle Component

Build your own COPO Camaro race car with the same parts used on the production models, including the unique, lightweight hood emblazoned with the COPO name and drivetrain mount kits that make installing a high-performance powertrain and racing-style solid rear axle easier ヨ and without time-consuming fabrication. Start with one of our Chevrolet Performance Camaro bodies-in-white and build your COPO your way!