LS427/570 Connect & Cruise Powertrain with 4L75-E Automatic Transmission


  • LS427/570 6.2L (427 cu in)
  • 4L75-E four-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Engine and Transmission Control Modules
  • Torque Converter included with Transmission
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LS427/570 Connect & Cruise with 4L75-E Transmission

Engine Specs:

  • LS427 (427 cu in)
  • 570 hp @ 6,200 rpm
  • 540 lb.-ft. @ 4,800 rpm
  • 11.0:1 compression ratio

Transmission Specs:

  • 4L75-E four speed automatic
  • Five-pinion gearsets
  • 3.06 first gear ratio, 0.70 overdrive ratio
  • 30-3/4 inches long (approx.)

CPSLS75704L75E System Components:

19421004 Engine
19420000 Engine Control System
19368615 Transmission
19299803 Torque Converter
19302405 Transmission Control System
19259117 Transmission Installation Kit

Note: Transmission controller and torque converter included with the transmission.

Chevrolet Performance’s new LS427/570 builds on the trackbred performance of the LS7 engine and enhances it in two important ways: More power and easier installation. A new, higher-lift camshaft helps it produce 570 horsepower and 540 lb.-ft. of torque—increases of 65 hp and 70 lb.-ft. over the production-based LS7 crate engine. Additionally, a new wet-sump oiling system facilitates easier and less costly installation, because the supporting components for the production-based LS7’s dry-sump system are not required.
Each Connect & Cruise kit delivers a brand-new, fully assembled crate engine, an electronically controlled overdrive transmission, electronic control modules for both and the engine control hardware to get it all running in your project vehicle – including the mass airflow sensor, oxygen sensors and even the special throttle pedal for the engines’ electronic throttle bodies.
Chevrolet Performance engineers matched the engines with their respective transmission, ensuring it was up to the task of channeling big power with absolute dependability. The engine controller is specially calibrated to run the engine without some of the production-vehicle features that aren’t required in an older vehicle. That means no “trouble” codes and no need for third-party tuning. Better still, the systems’ unique SuperMatic transmission controller is designed to work with the engine controller for a seamless, “plug and play” installation that is quick, easy and intuitive. Detailed instructions outline all the necessary steps.
The engineers did all the hard work of designing and calibrating perfectly matched powertrain systems – and we’ve covered them with a 24-month/50,000-mile limited warranty (see or your Chevrolet Performance retailer for complete details). All you have to do is install them and start cruising!

More about Connect & Cruise Crate Powertrain Systems

The Complete Performance Package!

When it comes to factory-engineered performance and convenience, nothing beats Chevrolet Performance’s industry-exclusive Connect & Cruise powertain systems. With one package you get the engine, automatic or manual transmission, electronic controllers and al the necessary wire harnesses. Even better, we deliver it for less than the cost of buying the components separately.

Our engineers matched the engines and transmissions for optimal performance and durability, so you can wring out every horsepower with total confidence! The specially calibrated controllers are designed for retrofit installations in older vehicles, for easier and quicker installation – and more importantly – operation without the need for third-party tuning.

The Connect & Cruise lineup even includes several emissions-compliant E-ROD systems in both automatic and manual.

We did the work to design and calibrate perfectly matched powertrain systems and covered them with a 24-month / 50,000-mile limited warranty.

Chevrolet Performance pioneered the performance crate engine, so when it comes to performance innovations that save time, money and guesswork, we once again lead the way! All you have to do is install, connect, and start cruising!


LS427/570 Connect & Cruise with 4L75-E Transmission

Chevrolet Performance Connect & Cruise Powertrain Systems include a 24-month or 50,000-mile (80,000 kilometer) limited warranty on all components.

Click here for more detailed warranty information.

This product qualifies for a $500/750 Rebate from Chevrolet Performance.

To receive the rebate:

  1. Purchase a select Chevrolet Performance Connect & Cruise System between 11/1/2020 and 10/31/2021
  2. Complete all information requested on this form and mail it by November 30th, 2021, OR
  3. Submit your rebate online at before the same deadline

See rebate form for more details.

NOTE: Please allow up to 6-8 weeks for rebate processing.


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