C8 Corvette In Action

At Karl Kustoms, we always enjoy seeing a C8 Corvette come into our shop. Whether it’s for a Summer Nights event (like the one we covered in this post) or for a modification job, we always gather around to check out the C8.

C8 Corvettes are nice to look at and fun to drive. What’s not to like about it? Check out this white 2020 C8 Corvette that rolled into the shop last year:

We still dream about it.

When a C8 Corvette owner brings their car to our shop, we always take the time to listen to their background stories. Many of them are Corvette enthusiasts who are just thrilled to own a C8 Corvette. It’s always nice to hear the excitement in their voices when they talk about their pride and joy, as well as the previous Corvettes they’ve owned.

We have a couple of videos that feature proud C8 Corvette owners – like this one with a gorgeous Long Beach red paint job and black interior! The owner is just as smitten as we are:

When this C8 owner saw his yellow C8 Corvette, he fell in love with it. He wasn’t particularly impressed with the previous Corvette generations, but this one captured his attention and he just had to have it. We really enjoyed hearing him rave about his car in this video. We agree with all the things he said:

Do you own a C8 Corvette? We’d love to check it out! Please contact us and tell us all about it.