Expert Carburetor Tuning Services

Karl Kustoms is nationally known for our carburetor tuning abilities:

  • Numerous IMCA race teams work with our carb tuning experts
  • Carburetor tuning is a lost art
  • Our experts have been tuning carbs for decades

Because we build so many race engines that utilize carburetors, Karl Kustoms has some of the nation's best carb tuning experts. Whether you're a competition racer trying to maximize the performance of your engine, or a classic car owner trying to get your vehicle running the way it should, or carb experts can help. Give us a call to learn more.

About Our Carb Tuning Services

While fuel injection has taken over on the street, carburetors are still popular at the track. And because Karl Kustoms is a nationally known race engine builder, we have considerable carburetor knowledge and expertise. If you have a race engine with a carburetor, our tuning pros can use our engine dyno to help you maximize performance. If you have a classic car with a carb that could use some professional help, we have a regular chassis dyno that our tuning pros can use to make your old carb run like new again.

Carburetor tuning is a lost art - the number of shops that are willing to tune a carb is dropping daily. But because Karl Kustoms is a race engine builder, we've got a whole team of carb tuning experts. Call us to learn more about our carburetor tuning services.

Race engine with carb
Many race engines still use carburetors. Because we're a race engine builder, we're also carb tuning experts!