Sounds Of Summer Nights Favorites: Chevy C20 And Bel Air

The Sounds Of Summer Nights at Karl Kustoms has become a must-attend event for fans of hot rods, muscle cars, and custom vehicles of all types. Our latest gathering once again featured some stunning metal. Each car has a story to tell, and we picked two of our favorites to share with you here. 

The 1966 Chevy C20 – A Family Favorite

Joedy Matherly is the proud owner of this pristine 1966 Chevy C20. He’s not quite old enough to be the first owner; that accolade goes to his grandfather. Joedy himself has had the car for about 30 years and says it will always remain in the family. Joedy loves attending events with his truck; it lets him meet other owners and enthusiasts who have a similar passion for cars and trucks.

“I’ve had it for about 30 years, and it was my grandfather’s when new.”

Joedy Matherly

While he has kept it mostly stock, Joedy’s favorite pastime is tinkering with the truck and keeping it looking factory-fresh. The eye-catching paintwork is not quite the same color as the factory 503 Green it originally had, but this slightly lighter shade certainly suits it.

The 1955 Chevy Bel Air – Daily Driver Classic

Steve Edwards Chevy is no garage queen. While it may look like a garage queen, this 1955 Chevy Bel Air is driven every day. Eddie says it doesn’t do a classic any good to keep it locked up, and that’s just what the previous owner of this car did.

“My car’s on the road every day.”

Steve ‘Eddie‘ Edwards

That all changed when Eddie’s friend saw it up for sale back in 2016. Eddie had once owned a very similar model back in high school but sold it when he went to Vietnam. He didn’t hesitate when the chance came to own another one just like it.

Eddie quickly made it his own with a full mechanical overhaul. In went a 350-cubic inch 444hp Chevy V8 as well as a new transmission, rear end, and suspension. The bodywork was also redone, and just about the only thing he didn’t touch was the pristine velour interior.

That suits him just fine. “I like to keep it old school.” says Eddie, so he hasn’t given in to the temptations of a mega-horsepower LS motor or a leather re-trim. We think Eddie’s ’55 Chevy is perfect just the way it is.

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