Engine Dyno Testing and Tuning

Karl Kustoms offers engine dyno testing and tuning services:

  • Engine dyno testing, break-in, and tuning
  • Supervised by experienced engine builders
  • Available for race engines

As one of the region's largest engine builders, Karl Kustoms has an engine dyno that our builders use every day.

Let our experts break in and test your engine to make sure you're getting off to the right start and everything is running effectively. To learn more about our engine dyno testing and tuning services, give us a call.

About Our Engine Dyno

We use a SuperFlow brand engine dynamometer, one of the best names in engine testing. We use our SuperFlow engine dyno daily for tuning and testing race engines, and over the last few years we have tested thousands of engines. When you hire us to help you test or tune your engine, you can rest assured your engine will be handled by the best.

Our engine dyno is also frequently used by our carb tuning experts, who have a well-earned reputation for getting the most out of a carburetor.

And if you're looking for a chassis dyno, we have that too - you can learn about our chassis dyno here.

Please Note: Our engine dyno is available for engine testing, but we limit access to professional engine builders. If you would like to learn more, please call.

Engine Dyno Testing