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What is a Dyno Tune?

Any time an engine is modified from stock, the ECM needs to be properly calibrated to get the most out of your modifications.  Tuning on a dyno allows us to test the engine in a controlled environment, at various loads, giving us the opportunity to ensure that the fuel, air and spark are optimized for a given combination which outputs the most efficient power possible.

How Much Will I Gain From a Dyno Tune?

The power gained from a tune depends on the modifications made to the engine, as well as the combination of modifications made to the engine.  Often overlooked, the tier of fuel used will also greatly effect how much HP and TQ we can get from a given combination or vehicle.

How Long Does A Tune Take?

The time that it takes to perform a tune depends on the extent of modifications and also how mechanically sound the engine is.  Typically tunes can be completed in a matter of a few hours.

2023 Karl Kustoms Tuning Rates
Note: Vehicles must be in 100% working mechanical condition for in-house ECU Calibrations
$165 for 3 Pulls
$495 EFI remote tuning base tune with support (HP Tuners device and credits needed)
+$246.99 - RTD+ device
+$399.99 - MPVI3
$595 - EFI Chassis dyno tuning (credits needed depending on year, make and model)
+$200 - forced induction/turbos/superchargers
+$100 - secondary fuels
+$100 - aftermarket port injection

Carburetor Tuning
$165 an hour


Please fill out the form below to begin the process of getting a custom tune from Karl Kustoms.  At this time we are only tuning GM applications.  Our Performance Specialist will review your information and respond in a timely manner.

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