The Last 2021 Summer Nights Event Was A Smashing Success

At Karl Kustoms, we’re widely known for our products, services, and Summer Nights events (including virtual ones).

Our last 2021 Summer Nights event took place in September. To say that we went out with a bang would be an understatement. Many amazing cars were featured at this event, including (but not limited to):

  • A convertible Chevy truck
  • Classic and new Corvettes
  • Classic and new Mustangs
  • Restored classic cars and trucks
  • More

Check them out in this video!

The last 2021 Summer Nights event was also our kick-off night for the Corvettes at Karl’s event. That explains why there was a large number of Corvettes.

A local named MJ brought his 2021 Z51 3LT C8 Corvette to the event. Check it out in this video:

MJ drew some inspiration from the other C8s he saw at the event. His Corvette is flawless but he has expressed interest in customizing it, and he liked some of the ideas he saw on the other C8s. MJ does a great job explaining why the C8 Corvette is a dream car. To sum it up:

  • The mid-engine setup takes the power up 5-10 notches
  • The interior is very much like that of the Audi R8 (which was MJ’s last car), which costs 3 times as much as the C8

MJ has a C8R edition on order with us. He’s beyond excited to take it out for a spin. We can’t blame him!

Need Something To Tide You Over Until Our 2022 Summer Nights?

We’re very sad that our Summer Nights events have come to an end for the year. If you’re anxious for the first Summer Nights of 2022, we may have something to tide you over. You can score your very own Karl Kustoms Summer Nights t-shirt! We have a couple for you to choose from: