Lightweight Starter (Remanufactured)


  • Lightweight
  • Used on any Small Block or Big Block engine with a 12.750″, 153-tooth flywheel
  • Remanufactured


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Remanufactured Lightweight Starter

P/N 10465143

Lightweight high-performance starter was originally used on 1993-1997 Camaros and Firebirds with the LT1 engine
– Can be used on any Small-Block or Big-Block engine with a 12.750″, 153-tooth flywheel

Bolts: (1) 14097279; (1) 14097278

Engine Application: Small Block (except LT or LS engines) and 19210009, 19301294


Lightweight Starter (Reman)

10465143 Chevrolet Starter

Small-Block or Big-Block Engines with 12.750″, 153-tooth Flywheels

Flywheels with two different diameters are used on Chevrolet Small-Block, Big-Block, and 90ᄚ V-6 engines. Large flywheels are 14″ in diameter and have 168 teeth on the starter ring gear. Small-diameter flywheels are 12.750″ in diameter, with 153 teeth on the ring gear.

This difference in flywheel diameters requires two distinct starter housings. Starter noses used with large-diameter flywheels have two offset bolt holes, while starters for small flywheels have two bolt holes that are parallel to the back of the block. Most Chevy blocks are drilled for both types of starters.

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