Semi-Finished SB2.2 NASCAR Race Cylinder Head


  • 355-T7 X-rayed and “hipped”* aluminum competition cylinder heads
  • Bare head, no seats or guides installed
  • As cast “peanut” ports
  • Standard size .500″ guide holes
  • Aluminum NASCAR-accepted head


Semi Finished SB2.2 Aluminum Cylinder Head

P/N 12480011

– Aluminum NASCAR-accepted head
– Bare head, no seats or guides installed
– Standard .500″ guide holes
– As cast “peanut” ports
– 48cc “as-cast” combustion chamber

Aluminum SB2.2 NASCAR Race Head Technical Notes:

– 355-T7 X-rayed and “hipped”* aluminum competition cylinder heads
– Extra-thick decks for heavy flat milling
– Extra material around ports for professional porting
– Combustion chambers are very small, shallow and wedge shaped
– Precision T-washers installed in all four center head bolt bosses
– Designed for longer-than-stock 2.150″ and 1.625″ valves
– Valve spring pads accommodate 1.625″ diameter springs
– Modified valve angles, 11° x 4° intake and 8° x 0° exhaust
– Designed for aftermarket shaft-mount rocker systems
– Revised location angled spark plugs (14mm, 5/8″ hex, 3/4″ reach, gasketed plugs)
– Requires specific left- and right-hand pistons
– Valve cover P/N 12480006
– Replacement AN -08 intake port plugs available as P/N 12480171

Note: HIP is the acronym for Hot Isostatic Pressure. This process puts the heads in a sealed vessel where a vacuum is first used to remove room air and any possible contaminants. The vessel is filled with high pressure nitrogen (up to 30,000-psi) and then heated to the required temperature and sustained for a determined amount of time. The cooling process is also a controlled procedure to ensure maximum strength and proper heat treat. This extreme high pressure and heat removes almost 100% of the internal porosities that are generated during the casting process. The material integrity, strength and fatigue life increases significantly.


SB2.2 NASCAR Race Cylinder Head

12480011 Chevrolet Cylinder Head

Semi-Finished, .500″ Guide Holes

The Chevrolet Performance SB2.2 NASCAR racing cylinder head was designed to improve durability, simplify preparation procedures, and reduce the overall cost of building and maintaining a Small Block Chevy racing engine. It is ideal for single-four-barrel carburetor applications due to having “mirror” design intake ports and all eight ports being angled toward the center of the engine. Spark plug holes were moved toward the bore center for improved combustion efficiency. 48cc combustion chambers permit 12.1:1-compression-ratio flat-top pistons.

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