LC9 5.3L & L96 6.0L Accessory Drive System without A/C


  • All-inclusive system
  • Designed for use on LC9 5.3L and L96 6.0L crate engines
  • Engineered for heavy-duty work trucks
  • Replaces old P/N 1925843
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LC9 5.3L and L96 6.0L Accessory Drive without A/C

P/N 19369108

The workhorse LC9 5.3L and L96 6.0L engine assemblies come with an alternator bracket attached. To complete the installation of your engine, the parts listed below will complete the factory-installed FEAD assembly.

These components are engineered for heavy-duty work truck use, and will provide years of reliable service in your performance vehicle.

The system includes:

12626222 (1) Drive Belt
12669569 (1) Idler Pulley w/Bolt
22781131 (1) Alternator
11516360 (2) Alternator Bolts
20756714 (1) P/S Pump
12554032 (1) P/S Brace
11514597 (2) P/S Brace Nuts
11515764 (1) P/S Brace Bolt
12605677 (1) P/S Pump Pulley
11515767 (3) Stg Pump Mtg Bolt
19257882 (1) Bolt 3/8″ x 16
09440957 (1) Nut 3/8″ x 16
19258317 (1) Washer

This kit is designed to include the necessary parts to install the complete kit on a Chevrolet Performance 5.3L Crate Engine. If you do not have a Chevrolet Performance 5.3L Crate Engine, you may need some additional hardware.

The following parts are included with the Chevrolet Performance 5.3L & 6.0L Crate Engine and are not part of this kit:

11588747 (2) Bolt, Tensioner
12609719 (1) Tensioner
12554030 (1) Bracket, Steering/Generator
11516744 (4) Bolt, Bracket
19300488 (1) Balancer
12557840 (1) Bolt, Balancer
12681417 (1) Kit, Water Pump (includes gaskets)
12551926 (6) Bolt, Water Pump

Replaces old P/N 19258433.


LC9 5.3L and L96 6.0L Accessory Drive System

19369108 Chevrolet Accessory Drive

Without Air Conditioning

The easiest and most convenient way to finish your LS engine and get it ready to run in your vehicle is with a Chevrolet Performance serpentine accessory drive system. They include the accessories, brackets, drive belts and hardware your engine needs, saving you the time of sourcing them individually. They’re all-inclusive systems that bolt right onto the engine for a factory fit and appearance.

Replaces old P/N 19258433.

Prop65WARNING: These auto parts can expose you to chemicals including phthalates and lead. Installing or using these parts can expose you to other parts containing these chemicals and to engine exhaust, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to