LS9/LSA Intercooler Fluid Pump


  • For LS9/LSA engines
  • Pump assembly included
  • Additional hoses and clamps required for installation

LS9/LSA Intercooler Fluid Pump

P/N 22901367

  • Includes pump assembly
  • Additional hoses and clamps required to connect pump inline with coolant circuit

LS9/LSA Intercooler Fluid Pump

22901367 Chevrolet Intake Manifold Component

Intake manifolds distribute the air/fuel mixture to the appropriate cylinders. The Chevrolet Performance Intake Manifold design is geared toward the end usage, whether that is a street performance engine or an all-out competition application. The wide range of Chevy Performance intake manifolds means there is an ideal manifold for your every need. There are cast-iron and aluminum intake manifolds for carbureted and fuel injected applications. Chevrolet Performance intake manifolds were designed specifically for GM engines, so you know they will deliver O.E. performance.

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