Gen 5 Z/28 Air Intake


  • Highest airflow performance of any production Camaro filter system
  • reduces the chance of recirculated hot being drawn into the engine
  • Bolt-on substitute for Camaro SS
  • For competition vehicles only

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Gen 5 Z/28 Air Intake

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A unique open air box intake system is used with the Z/28’s LS7 engine, featuring a replaceable conical air filter and delivers the highest airflow performance of any production Camaro filter system. The air cleaner seals around the bottom of the hood, reducing the chance recirculated hot air will be drawn into the engine. It is a bolt-on substitute for the intake system on the Camaro SS. The Z/28 air intake provides a 51% reduction in air restriction when compared to a standard LS3 equipped Camaro. Includes hardware that supports 1LE and SS PCV systems.

This performance air intake system is intended exclusively for use in competition vehicles that will only be driven on a track or off-road course. When installed, the performance air intake may cause your vehicle to no longer be emissions compliant. As a result, after installing this component, your vehicle should no longer be driven on public roads. In addition, your powertrain warranty will be voided due to the nature of the intended track use.

Note: No calibration support from GM is available. Not recommended for use on L99. Not available for sale in California except as a direct replacement part for the Camaro Z/28.


Gen 5 Z/28 Air Intake

23454578 Chevrolet Air Intake

For competition vehicles only

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