Balancer – 7.074″ OD


  • 7.074″ O.D.
  • Standard crank hub diameter
  • Specially tuned up to 9,000 rpm
  • For all racing engines – NASCAR approved
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P/N 24502534

  • Outside diameter: 7.074
  • Accepts standard pulleys
  • Standard crank hub diameter
  • For all racing engines – NASCAR approved

Technical notes: NASCAR-approved and specially tuned up to 9,000 rpm. Uses standard crank hub diameter


Racing Balancer – 7.074″ O.D.

24502534 Chevrolet Balancer

Standard Crank Hub Diameter

Chevy Performance Balancers are relatively small parts that play a big role in how smooth an engine runs. Balancers are also known as torsional dampers or harmonic balancers, which is indicative of how they help control unwanted crankshaft vibrations. By controlling vibrations, Chevrolet Performance balancers help engines run smoothly, which also extends engine life.

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