Solv-It Tar & Goo Remover


  • Dissolves all tar and oily road splatter.
  • Removes compounds and wax residue from auto trim.
  • Great for general parts cleaning.
  • Easily removes “shoe marks” from door panels.
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  • Excellent for stripping glue residues from auto trim.
  • Super wetting – requires less product.
  • Contains no xylene, toluene, benzene or citrus solvents.
  • Washes away completely with soap and water.
  • Works where other products fail.

This specialty product solves all your unique cleaning problems when nothing else is quite suitable. Examples include: safely dissolving pine sap from the hood of your favorite restoration; carefully taking off adhesive stickers; dissolving 50-year old yellow adhesive from irreplaceable weather stripping without hurting the rubber; removing accumulated tar splatter from your expensive custom paint job; taking gum out of carpet or upholstery without harming the fabric; cleaning oily carbon residue from delicate automotive electrical components. PPC’s SOLV-IT easily performs these tasks, and much more ヨ yet contains no health-harming hazardous solvents. It’s cheaper, faster, more effective, and re-usable. Everyone needs a bottle on hand for all those rare clean-up occurrences.

Prop65WARNING: These auto parts can expose you to chemicals including phthalates and lead. Installing or using these parts can expose you to other parts containing these chemicals and to engine exhaust, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to