Real Wheel Cleaner


  • Brightens without acid streaking.
  • Easily, effectively removes years of oxidation.
  • Can be diluted, heated and re-used for specific needs.
  • Cleans lime deposits & rust stains from most anything.
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Cannot damage clearcoat, anodizing, paint, plastics or any metal. Rinses away quickly with water. Contains no hazardous acids.


That black residue on your custom wheelsisn’t dirt ヨ it’s brake dust. It’s a known fact that better brakes produce more dust. If ignored and allowed to accumulate, this dust will harden and become almost impossible to remove. PPC’s REAL WHEEL CLEANER was developed to take care of the problem ヨ with virtually no effort, no streaks, no stains. On contact, it safely penetrates, dissolves and destroys brake dust from any type of wheel. Our customers will tell you “there’s no other wheel-cleaning product as fast, effective, yet safe!”

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