StopTech Brake Pads Now Available At Karl Kustoms

Karl Kustoms is proud to announce the availability of StopTech brake pads.  These performance racing brake pads have been designed by Gorsuch Performance, a known expert in braking, cooling, driveline, and fuel systems.

“We here at Karl Kustoms are very excited to have these brake pad kits in stock.”

Shaun Simmons, Circle Track Parts Sales Specialist

StopTech Brake Pad Details

We offer four performance racing brake pad compounds for various racing disciplines. Our new StopTech brake pads are available either as an axle set or as a split-pad option.

  • GM Metric Style Calipers
  • Four Compounds Offered (0, 2, 3, 4)
  • Sold as an Axle Set or as Split Pads

Complete kits are available for A&B Modifieds, Hobby Stock, and Stock Cars. The Karl Kustoms exclusive split-pad 4-corner setup is available in two versions:

 For A-Mod and B-Mod setups:

  • Two corners of No.4 Compound (For left front and left rear sides)
  • One corner of No.0 Compound (For the right front)
  • One corner of No.3 Compound (For the right rear)

For Stock Car setups:

  • One corner of No.2 Compound (For the left front)
  • One corner of No.0 Compound (For the right front)
  • Two corners of No.4 Compound (For both rear sides)

Instead of having to buy full sets of pads, you can buy just a complete kit for your A-Mod, B-Mod, Stock Car, or Hobby Stock.”

Shaun Simmons, Circle Track Parts Sales Specialist

Which Compound Do You Need?

We offer four compound types, covering just about every off-road oval racing class, such as A-Mod, B-Mod, Stock Car, and Hobby Stock.

No. 0 Compound: This compound is for low to medium friction levels, specifically in applications requiring lower torque. It has extreme high temperature fade resistance and repeatable performance. That’s why it’s a popular right-front option for dirt cars to aid turning.

No. 2 Compound: This is for medium to high horsepower applications with higher friction requirements. It has similar friction levels to the No. 4 Compound and offers a linear friction curve as temperatures rise. It is an excellent option for the front wheels.

No. 3 Compound: This compound offers the same level of control as the No.4 Compound, but with a lower level of friction. Pedal modulation is superb, and it has a very high resistance to fade, maintaining a flat friction curve as the temperature increases. It is a great medium-rear option for both dirt and asphalt cars.

No. 4 Compound: This is an all-purpose brake pad suitable for high grip and high power applications. It is designed to offer high initial bite, with superior pedal feel and modulation characteristics. It is formulated for a slight friction rise as temperatures increase and has very low pad and disc wear. It is the most popular rear pad for dirt cars.

Performance Parts And Accessories From Karl Kustoms

Karl Kustoms is a machine shop, custom shop, and service shop. We do restoration, custom upholstery, custom painting, bodywork, accessory installations and more. So, whether you need an upgrade, refresh or ground-up restoration, we are ready to assist. We stock a full range of brake parts and accessories, as well as our new StopTech brake kits:

Our staff are passionate and extremely knowledgeable. If you would like a set of high-performance StopTech brake pads, then order them online today or contact us online for more information.