Chatting with Bill Martens Of Chevrolet Performance

Here’s a fun fact. There are about 4,000 Chevrolet dealers in the USA, but only 100 of these dealers specialize in performance parts. Karl Kustoms is one of them. In fact, we’re one of the highest volume circle track dealers in the country.

We took the time to chat with Bill Martens of Chevrolet Performance’s marketing department. He explains what it’s like to work with Karl Kustoms, and what it means to be a performance dealer with GM.

Bill Martens goes way back with Karl Customs founder Carl Moyer. Both men have been working with hot rods and performance parts for decades. They’ve personally known each other for over 30 years. If there’s anyone who can give an accurate testament of Carl Moyer and Karl Kustoms, it’s Bill Martens.

Karl Kustoms Has Bill’s Seal Of Approval

“Out of [the 100 Chevrolet performance dealers in the USA], Karl Kustoms is certainly at the top of the list,” Bill says. “I attribute that to the personal knowledge and the personal interest that Carl’s had for so long over his life.”

He goes on to explain Carl Moyer’s passion for Chevrolet performance cars and parts, and sharing that passion with his customers. He lives and breathes Chevrolet performance cars and parts.

“[Carl] is very knowledgable, and he works with his customers directly,” Bill observes. “I can’t tell you how many people wave [at him] and know him personally. Carl’s very, very involved in the circle track business.”

Bill has been promoting the circle track crate business for 18 years. He shares that Carl was very instrumental in launching it back in the day. “Carl is involved in so many facets in this great industry of custom car and hot rod enthusiasts,” he says.

We agree with him that Carl’s vast knowledge and deep passion for performance parts is a big reason why Karl Kustoms is one of the top Chevrolet performance dealers in the country.

What It Means To Be A Chevrolet Performance Dealer

Do you need Chevrolet performance parts? A Chevrolet performance dealer is the place to be.

Like we mentioned before, there are only about 100 Chevrolet performance dealers in the country. Chevrolet performance dealers have exclusive access to genuine OEM Chevrolet Performance parts. A successful dealer (like Karl Kustoms) has a dedicated website and knowledgeable people on their staff.

“Only a certain percentage of [Chevrolet performance dealers] are going to do well because they’re very engaged and they have knowledgeable people running the business,” Bill explains. “Karl Kustoms is very unique in that. They touch every facet of the car. Not just powertrain, but they also touch the chassis, interior, paint, and body.”

So there we have it. Bill Martens from the Chevrolet Performance division believes that Karl Kustoms is more than just a dealer.

Get Your Chevrolet Performance Parts From Karl Kustoms

At Karl Kustoms, we have a wide variety of OEM performance parts in stock. We carry the newest Chevy engines (like the 6.0L LS364 performance engine). We also carry transmissions, drivetrain parts, electrical parts, and more. Please contact us if you need help finding the right parts for your Chevrolet performance car.