Customer Story: Chevy Bel Air Takes A Road Trip To Des Moines

When you have a stunning classic car like a 1955 Bel Air, it can be hard to trust anyone to come near it, let alone work on it. Sometimes you have to search high and low for a shop that’s worthy enough to work on your prized possession. Sometimes you may need to bring your car across several state lines to make sure that it’s in good hands when “under the knife”.

That’s exactly what Jorge Trevino does.

Jorge is the proud owner of a 1955 Bel Air. He brought it into our shop. The body and paint were a little tired from wear and tear over the years. He brought it in to have our painter Ed Birmingham work his magic on it.

A Peek At Jorge’s Prized Possession

This Bel Air is a work of art. It’s completely redone. We’re proud that Jorge chose us to restore the car to brand new condition. The Bel Air has:

  • Brand new steel body
  • Art Morrison frame
  • Plug and play LS3 engine
    • The engine sports a pinstriped and airbrushed Bel Air logo, which WOWs everyone at car shows

“It’s just the little things that make [the car] go over the top,” Jorge beams. “This car is just like… fabulous. It drives like a brand new Cadillac.”

Jorge loves to show off his Bel Air at car shows and weekend car gatherings with his car show buddies. “Everybody calls [the Bel Air] a trailer queen because she’s always trailered, of course,” Jorge says. “In an enclosed trailer, not open,” he quickly adds.

Jorge feels a special connection to his Bel Air. “What makes [this Bel Air] special to me is that I know the history on this car.” He says. “I know how it was built, quality wise. So basically I know the ins and outs of this car.”

Why The Long Trip To Iowa?

Here’s something you don’t know about Jorge. He lives in Texas, and he drives all the way to Des Moines to have Karl Kustoms work on his classic cars. This Bel Air is the third car we’ve worked on that’s owned by Jorge.

Why does Jorge bring his cars all the way here? Why doesn’t he go with a local shop in Texas? He has the answer right here:

“The reason I come up here all the way from Texas is [at Karl Kustoms], they pay attention to detail. They treat the car as if it was their own. I mean, [their work is] very, very meticulous. The painter, Ed, he’s just like, wow. Out of this world. Every time he’s done something to this car, you can’t tell where he’s done it and how he’s done it. That’s why I come up here.”

Jorge goes on to add, “I feel like I’m family here. They treat me great. They take care of me. I feel comfortable when I come here. I know they’re going to do the job and do it right.”

We’re honored that Jorge trusts us to work on his classic cars. If you’re interested in having Karl Kustoms customize your ride, contact us here!

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