GM’s New ZZ6 Turn-Key EFI Crate Engine

At Karl Kustoms, we’re excited to announce that we have a new GM crate engine in stock!

Allow us to introduce GM’s newest ZZ6 turn-key EFI crate engine. GM designed this engine to produce a lot of power – this bad boy produces an amazing 420 HP and 408 lb-ft of torque.

It also boasts:

  • Lightweight aluminum cylinder heads that allow for higher airflow at high RPM
  • Beehive-style valve springs
  • Aggressive hydraulic roller camshaft
chevy zz6

The company also took great care to make installation easier than ever. This is truly a turn-key engine, with everything included.

What You’ll Get When You Order This Engine From Us

If you’re wondering what you’ll get when you order GM’s new ZZ6 EFI turn-key engine from Karl Kustoms, Adam has you covered. He took the time to unbox the engine and make a video of it. Check it out:

This is a turn-key engine. That means you’ll get everything you need to swap in the engine. You don’t need to go shopping for more parts, hardware, etc. Everything you need is going to be in that crate. That includes the following parts, all of which are OEM:

  • The small block engine
  • Standard rotation water pump (already installed)
  • Reverse rotation water pump for serpentine belt setups
  • Fuel injection (already installed)
  • Fuel injection wiring
  • Distributor (already installed)
  • Spark plug kit
  • Air cleaner assembly (to be bolted on top of the fuel injection assembly)
  • Front drive kit that contains:
    • AC compressor
    • Alternator
    • Power steering pump
    • Belts, brackets, and hardware
  • GM high-torque mini starter
  • Aluminum fast burn-style heads
  • Hydraulic roller camshaft

You’re Getting A Lot Of Value For Your Money When You Order From Karl Kustoms

Karl crate engine

Karl Kustoms is one of the authorized retailers of the new GM ZZ6 EFI turn-key crate engine. You won’t just be getting the engine from us, though. You’ll have the option of getting an engine that has been:

  • Dyno-tested out of the box
  • Tested with break-in oil and top quality fuel
    • We will drain out the oil and fuel before shipping the engine to you

You want to get an engine that’s already dyno-tested. That way, you’ll have the peace of mind that the engine is good to go. There are more reasons why it’s important to order a dyno-tested engine:

  • It’s already confirmed that the engine is running right. This removes the possibility of something going wrong when you start up the engine for the first time.
  • The engine is already broken in. Breaking in an engine is a complicated process that can go wrong. You don’t have to worry about this because we already did it for you.
  • You’ll save a lot of time. You don’t have to research the best way to break in your engine, and then handle the process by yourself.

Order your very own GM ZZ6 turn-key EFI crate engine from us today!

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