Chevrolet’s New LS Long-Block Assemblies

Are you looking for a LS long block engine to drop into your vehicle? If so, you may be excited to hear that Chevrolet just came out with three new LS long block engines.

A Little Bit About Long Block Engines

Long block engines are not complete engines. They’re cheaper than crate engines because they’re not as complete. Long block engines are mostly complete, but they don’t come with a few parts. For example, the intake manifold.

Chevy long block

A long block engine is a great project to have, if you’re into customizing engines. You don’t have to build a long block engine from scratch. The manufacturer already took care of the hardest part of building an engine. You’ll get to customize it by adding your own components. You can choose to beef up your long block engine with high quality components. You can also add more power to your engine with your own components.

What You Need To Add To A Chevy Long Block Engine

install kit

Chevy long block engines aren’t complete engines. You may be wondering what parts you’ll need to get to complete your new LS long block engine. The set of parts varies a little between each engine, but here’s a general list:

  • Intake manifold
  • Throttle body
  • Fuel rail
  • Injectors
  • Exhaust manifold
  • Other accessories

When you decide to finish off an LS long block engine (instead of getting a crate engine), you have a big decision to make. Which LS long block engine should you get?

Every single LS long block engine Chevrolet offers is of the highest quality. They’re all easy to work with. The key is finding one that suits your needs the most. If you’re still looking for the perfect LS long block engine for your vehicle, check out Chevrolet’s new LS long block engines:

LS3 Long Block Engine

Chevrolet’s new LS3 long block engine is based on the production LS3 engine. This new long block engine comes with L92-style rectangular-port heads. It can produce up to:

  • 430 hp
  • 425 lb-ft of torque

LS376/480 Long Block Engine

This long block engine is quite something. It’s a combination of:

  • The LS3 engine
  • The race-bred LS Hot Cam kit

If you outfit this long block engine with the production LS3 intake manifold assembly, you’ll enjoy the following power output:

  • 495 hp
  • 473 lb-ft of torque

You can preorder this engine at a discounted price through us. Visit this page for more information. If you prefer to buy a complete one, we carry the LS376/480 LS3 crate engine.

LS376/525 Long Block Engine

This long block engine comes with an even more aggressive camshaft. Chevrolet designed his engine for high-rpm performance. It delivers an incredible amount of power when used with the production LS3 intake manifold assembly. To be more specific:

  • 525 hp at 6200 rpm
  • 486 lb-ft of torque at 5200 rpm

We have this incredible long block engine in our inventory. Check it out here!

Order Your New LS Long Block Engine Through Us!

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