Oil Pan Options For Older LS Swaps

Are you doing an LS swap on your older car? You may want to upgrade the oil pan, as well. If you’re looking for recommendations on which oil pan to get, you came to the right place.

Reasons To Upgrade Your Oil Pan

LS oil pan swap
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The LS is a great engine to swap into many different vehicles. But many of those vehicles were not designed for the LS. So fitting an LS into a vehicle can be challenging. An aftermarket pan can help solve that problem, and it may provide other benefits:

Fit – Aftermarket oil pans have been developed that are less bulky than the stock LS oil pan. Some offer more clearance underneath the lowest part of the pan. Others offer more clearance at the front or rear of the pan. Figuring out what you need can be challenging. We have lot of experience with engine swaps, and we’re happy to help you determine what pan will work best in your application.

Features – Aftermarket oil pans offer a variety of features not found in the OE pans. For instance, several pans are available with oil drain holes for engines with turbos.

Cooling – Many aftermarket oil pans are made from aluminum, which will shed heat better than the OE stamped steel pan.

Aesthetics – If your car is a showpiece, an aftermarket oil pan can really add to the show.

Karl Kustoms Has A Variety Of Quality Oil Pans For Older LS Swaps

Karl Kustoms is a leading retailer for LS swap kits and components. We have a variety of high quality oil pans that are designed to fit older model cars. We carry top-of-the-line brands such as Holley and Chevrolet Performance. At Karl Kustoms, we also manufacture our own oil pans.

Check out our selection of top quality oil pans. Here are our top recommendations for older LS swaps:

1. LS Retro-Fit Aluminum Rear Sump Oil Pan W/Added Clearance With Turbo Drains

High performance oil pan

This high quality Karl Performance Parts oil pan fits most LS engines, except LS7 or LS9 dry sump applications. It’s an ideal replacement for the “F-Body” GM oil pan. You can install this oil pan on applications dating back to 1964. When ordering this pan, you can choose from three different finishes:

  • Satin
  • Black
  • Polished

2. Holley 302-2P Oil Pan LS Swap Retrofit Gen 1 F-Body – Polished

Holley is a brand that’s known for making top-of-the-line fuel system and oil system parts. This Holley 302-2P oil pan is made from polished aluminum. If you have a first generation F-body car, this is the oil pan to get.

3. LS Swap Muscle Car Oil Pan Kit

Got a 1955-1995 GM RWD front engine car? This Chevrolet Performance oil pan will most likely fit it. It’s a kit that includes the oil pan, dipstick, gaskets, and everything else you will need for a smooth installation. The Chevrolet Performance division designed this oil pan for performance driving.

Do you need help finding the right performance oil pan for your application? Please contact us. We’re always happy to help!