602 Sport Mod Crate Motor

The 602 Sport Mod Crate Motor is one of the racing engines GM debuted in 2002.

602 Sport Mod Crate Motor

IMCA Sealed 602 Sport Mod Crate Motor.

After seeing the success others had in adapting street crate engines for the circle track, why not? Today’s 602 Sport Mod Crate Engine (P/N 19258602 P/N 19370602) comes IMCA-sealed. It is also available without a seal. Eight bolts in key locations make tampering with the engine unlikely without destroying or damaging the bolt head.

Also known as the CT350, this Chevy Performance crate motor is based on the popular 350 HO high-performance street engine. (Here’s another one for the street.) It is powerful, durable, and affordable. It supplies 350 horses and 396 lb.-ft. of torque under peak conditions.

Key Components 602 Sport Mod Crate Motor

Key components included as part of the engine package

  • Four-bolt cast iron main block and Vortec cast iron cylinder heads.
  • The Vortec heads combine with a unique dual-pattern camshaft to deliver pulling power that helps you hold a gear longer.
  • The aluminum intake manifold, also intended for use with Vortec heads, is designed to use a standard flange Holley carburetor.
  • Rocker covers have center hold-down bolts. (The left has two 1-3/8” tall tubes; the right is stamped without holes.)
  • Distinctive rocker arm nuts are designed to increase the amount of oil retained on the stamped steel rocker arms, which increases their life-span and durability.
  • The HEI distributor is a self-contained ignition system that includes a module, coil, magnetic pickup, rotor, and cap.
  • The oil pan, designed for circle track racing, has an eight-quart capacity and is eight-inches deep, incorporating baffles and a single kick out on the right-hand side of the pan.

Add your carburetor, starter, spark plugs, wires, and water pump – available from Karl Kustoms, of course – and you will be ready for the starting line. We give you the machinery. The rest is up to you!

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