Z/28 Suspension Kit with DSSV Dampers

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  • Comprehensive Chevy Performance suspension package
  • DSSV® (Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve) damper technology
  • Maximum response, stiffness and tuning, optimized for the track
  • Highest level of damper predictability, accuracy and repeatability
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Gen 5 Camaro Z/28 Suspension Package

P/N 23464729

The Chevy Z/28 is the first high-volume production road car to employ racing-derived DSSV® (Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve) damper technology from Multimatic. The dampers rely upon a pair of self-piloted spool valves to control fluid through tuned port shapes rather than conventional deflected disc dampers. The design of the inverted-monotube front strut and aluminum-body monotube rear hydraulic dampers offers maximum response, stiffness and tuning optimized for the track, with the highest level of damper predictability, accuracy and repeatability. The unique dampers are the center of a comprehensive Chevrolet Performance suspension package that also includes higher-rate coil springs, smaller-diameter solid stabilizer bars, and higher-rate suspension bushings. The dampers are matched with optimized stiff spring rates and stabilizer bars in both the front and rear to reduce body movement in hard cornering and acceleration. Also included in the package are front ride and handling links, rear upper control arms, rear trailing links, and toe links which have upgraded stiffer bushings designed to reduce cornering compliance and increase durability on the track.

The system includes:
(1) 22942442 Performance Emblem
(1) 22842513 Front Stability Bar Assembly
(1) 22812943 Rear Stability Bar
(2) 22761221 Rear Stability Bar Links
(1) 23105018 Right Side Ride Link
(1) 23105019 Left Side Ride Link
(1) 23105014 Left Side Handling Link
(1) 23105015 Right Side Handling Link
(1) 23104902 Right Rear Upper Control Arm
(1) 23104903 Left Rear Upper Control Arm
(2) 23104900 Rear Lower Trailing Arms
(2) 22845487 Rear Toe Links
(1) 22903661 Left Strut
(1) 22903662 Right Strut
(1) 23473509 Right Rear Shock Absorber
(1) 23473510 Left Rear Shock Absorber
(1) 23475839 Installation Instructions

Note: Intended for track only application, performs well when combined with high performance tires. For 2010-2011 vehicles, kit 23484878 required for installation.


Z/28 Suspension Package

23464729 Chevrolet Suspension

With DSSVᆴ Dampers